New case study questions added

Try the new visual case study questions. 


DVSA introduced the new visual case study questions From 28 September 2020. The way the theory test works in England, Scotland and Wales will changed from 28 September 2020. Currently, these new case study questions are for car theory test.

Now you can practise the new visual case study questions. Start practising here with the revision clips: Theory test case study questions

Update: We have now all the 9 revision clips from DVSA.

  • During the case study questions a candidate will be presented with 1 clip and will then be asked 3 questions about what they have seen.
  • Your theory test will contain one case study video with 3 questions.
  • These new case studies will not replace the current theory test, you will still be asked 50 multiple-choice questions and hazard perception videos.

    This site contains revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA (the people who set the test).

Update 2: Clips removed