Multiple choice test

Practise for your theory test with these exercises:

Each question has only one correct answer. All 50 multiple-choice questions must be answered. All questions are randomly selected from a database of thousands questions.

The official DVSA test allows 15 minutes practice time at the start of the exam to get used to answering the questions. The multiple choice test takes 57 minutes although learners with special needs can apply for more time. To pass the test, 43 of the 50 questions (86%) must be answered correctly.

To answer a question, the user touches a choice of answer from the listed answers on the computer screen. 

The Learner is allowed to go back to a question at any time. The user can also flag questions if they are unsure of in order to find and return to it quickly and easily later.

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Practise for the Hazard perception part

Remember to practise for the hazard perceptoin test. Every year in the UK the theory test is taken over 1.5 million times. Every 2nd learner fails their theory test. Mostly the reason is the hazard perception test where the developing hazards appears suddenly. You should practise only with the DVSA created revision videos, they are most realistic and similar with the actual test.