ADI theory test

To become a car driving instructor you have to pass the ADI theory test. Only approved driving instructors can charge people for lessons. The first part of ADI test is a theory test which contains multiple-choice questions and Hazard Perception test. You will have about 1hour and 45 minutes time. The multiple-choice part contains 100 questions and you will have 90 minutes time to finish it. The pass mark for the ADI theory test multiple-choice part is 85/100. Also, you need to have at least 20 correct questions in each 4 categories.

Free ADI theory test

You can try a free ADI theory test and see the type of questions asked. 

ADI Hazard perception test

ADI hazard perception test will show you 14 CGI videos from road scenes. Each of the clip includes 1 hazard, but one clip will include 2 developing hazards. You need to click the screen as soon as you see the developing hazard. The ADI hazard test is harder than the Car theory test. You will need to get at least 57 points out of 75 in the hazard perception part.


ADI test topics

The ADI test part 1 contains multiple-choice questions from these topics:

  • Road procedure
  • Car control, Pedestrians, mechanical knowledge and Road signs and signals, 
  • Disabilities, the law, and driving test
  • Publications and instructional techniques

You will only have one correct answer option.

Practice for the ADI theory test online.

ADI test part 2

ADI test part 2 is a test of your driving ability. It mainly contains a test of your driving ability and some vehicle safety questions. Also ADI test part 2 includes eyesight test. Remember that the ADI test part 1 must be passed before booking the ADI test part 2

ADI test part 3

ADI test part 3 tests your ability to instruct learners. The test takes about 1 hour.

ADI test fees

ADI test (qualifying) fees are controlled by the DVSA. 

ADI test consist of 3 parts and all of them have separate fees:

Check the rest of the ADI related fees here: GOV.UK