LGV Theory test

To obtain your LGV driving licence, you need to pass the LGV theory test. Here you can find tips for how to obtain the LGV licence and try a free LGV theory test practice.

Practise theory test online for the C1, C1+E, C or C+E LGV licence categories. The official theory test contains 100 multiple choise questions which each question has 1 correct answer. To pass the theory test, you need to answer correctly for 85 questions.

How to get the LGV licence - tips

Here is short guide for obtaining the LGV licence. The current CPC system includes four stages:

  1. Stage - take the LGV theory test. The test has 2 parts, multiple-choice and Hazard Perception. Practise the official LGV theory test
    1. Multiple-choice part has 100 questions and pass mark is 85/100
    2. Hazard perception part has 19 videos.
  2. Stage - Real world case studies. This 75 min test contains 7 case studies, each 7 multiple-choice questions.
  3. Stage - Driving ability: Demostrate your driving abilities using a full-size vehicle.
  4. Stage - Practical demostration. Contains common tasks 
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