Driving theory test

Try this free Driving Theory Test and check your knowledge of the UK road rules.
This website will help you get ready for your theory test exam. Just make sure you practise each theory test category and mock theory test exam, before you go to your official test. 


Free car theory test

Take this free mock theory test to check how well-prepared you are for the real DVSA theory test. Or take right away the DVSA revision theory test

Find motorcycle theory test here

Driving Theory Test 2018 practices contain free multiple-choice test and road signs test. We recently added a free Hazard Perception test so you can try that also. Before you book your theory test, remember to practise all three areas: Multiple-choice questions, road signs and hazard perception test. 

Practise multiple-choice and road signs test but don't forget to go through the hazard perception test. 

Theory test online

Try Theory Test Online practice to prepare for the official theory test. Our theory test online has over 500 multiple-choice questions and road signs test and probably is the best theory test practice you can find. Official theory test in the UK is made up of a hazard perception part and a multiple-choice part. All you need to pass the theory test is to have enough correct answers in both parts. Find out about both parts of the driving theory test and how the scoring works from our DVLA theory test pages.

Hazard perception

Before you go to the official theory test, prepare also for the hazard perception test. Use our online hazard perception test for preparation. Find out how the hazard perception test works.

DVLA Theory test practice

DVLA theory test practice contains 50 multiple-choice questions.

  • Pass mark is 43/50 and the
  • Time allowed for completion is 57 minutes.
  • 14 clips in the hazard perception test for car and motorcycle.
    • The pass mark is 44/75 

Read more about Theory Test

Motorcycle theory test

The Motorcycle theory test 2018 differs a bit from the car theory test. Motorcycle test has different topics but the pass mark, amount of questions and hazard perception part is similar to the car theory test. Read more about Motorcycle theory test

Bus theory test

Bus theory test contains more multiple-choice questions and has higher pass mark. Bus theory test (PCV license) has 100 multiple-choice questions and 14 hazard perception clips. Read more about Bus theory test

Theory test Pass Mark

Car theory test pass mark. 

Theory Test Part Pass mark Max Points available
Multiple-choice questions 43 50
Hazard perception 44 75
  • You must pass both parts.
  • If you pass, you get a pass certificate number which is valid for 2 years
  • You must pass your driving test in 2 years after passing a theory test


Driving theory test booking

Book your DVSA driving theory test when you feel you are ready. Theory test booking is made easy using the official gov.uk website. Do not use any other booking services, they may charge you more.
Theory test booking

Change your driving test appointment

Are you looking to change your driving test after you already booked it? Or maybe you want to change the location of driving test?

If you want to change or cancel your driving test appointment, you can do it online. Use the official gov.uk website to find earlier driving test appoimtment time, move your driving test to another date or change a test center. 


DVLA driving test

DVLA driving test is a test to apply for your provisional driving license. The meaning of the test is to see that can you drive safely in different traffic and road conditions. Also, in the test you must show that you know the Highway Code. Read more about DVLA driving test

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Theory test 1 guest 90 Sun, 19/05/2019 - 21:21