Frequently asked questions:


Theory test

Q: How long is the theory test certificate valid for?

Answer: Once you pass the theory test, the certificate is valid for two years. Within this period, you need to pass your practical driving test and obtain a full driving license. If you fail to do so within two years, you will need to retake the theory test.

Q: Are the questions in the tests provided on this site same as in the official UK theory test?

Answer: No, but they are very similar.

Q: Can I use any foreign language assistance during the theory test?

Answer: No, the theory test is conducted in English only. Candidates must have a sufficient understanding of the English language to read and comprehend the questions and answers.


Q: Can I take the hazard perception test separately from the theory test?

Answer: No, the hazard perception test is always taken as part of the UK theory test. The theory test includes both the multiple-choice section and the hazard perception section, and you must pass both sections to successfully complete the test.

Q: How can I prepare for the hazard perception test?

Answer: To prepare for the hazard perception test, it's advisable to practice using official DVSA hazard perception materials. These include the Hazard Perception Test DVD, the official DVSA Theory Test Kit app, or online hazard perception practice tests. Practicing with real-life driving scenarios will help you develop your hazard perception skills and improve your performance in the test.

Q: Where can I find Hazard perception clips for Motorcycle?

Answer: The hazard perception test is same for all license categories, so there are no different clips available for motorcycle. 

Q: What is the passing score for the hazard perception test?

Answer: The passing score for the hazard perception test is 44 out of 75. To pass this section of the UK theory test, you need to achieve a score of at least 44, demonstrating your ability to identify developing hazards effectively.

Q: How many hazard clicks can I make in each video clip?

Answer: In each video clip, you can make multiple hazard clicks if you perceive multiple developing hazards. However, it's important to note that random clicking or continuous clicking will be flagged as a potential cheat attempt, resulting in a score of zero for that clip.

Q: How are hazard perception scores calculated?

Answer: The hazard perception test assigns a score based on the candidate's response to the developing hazards. The earlier a hazard is detected and clicked, the higher the score for that hazard. Scores range from 0 to 5, with a maximum of 75 points achievable for the entire test.

Q: How many hazard perception clips are included in the test?

Answer: The hazard perception test comprises 14 video clips featuring everyday driving situations. Each clip lasts around one minute and contains at least one developing hazard, except for one clip that contains two developing hazards. In total, there are 15 potential hazards to identify.