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About learning content 

Q: Are the questions in the tests provided on this site same as in the official UK theory test?

Answer: No, but they are very similar. The questions are reproduced from the DVSA revision test material which is almost identical as the actual test.

Q: Which mobile devices are supported?

You can use the content on this site with all modern mobile devices.

Q: Do I need internet connection?

Yes. You need internet connection when you practise on this site. You can't download any practices from this service.



Q: How should I use the hazard perception test?

Answer: When the clip starts to play, you will see a "Hazard!" -button on the video. You should press the "Hazard -button" when you see a developing hazard. After the video, you see your points and the solution.

Q: Are these hazard clips the same as in the actual UK Theory Test?

Answer: No, they are not the same but similar. This site contains clips licensed from DVSA - the people who set the actual test. 
(Exactly same hazard perception video clips, as in the actual test, are not published anywhere because they are not public)

Q: Where can I find Hazard perception clips for Motorcycle?

Answer: The hazard perception test is same for all license categories, so there are no different clips available for motorcycle. 

Q: Will the hazard perception test work on my device?

Answer: Our hazard perception practice is tested with all the modern mobile devices. You can use it with your laptop, tablet or mobile device.


From "My page" you can see your latest results and learning progress. 

Q: I just did one practice, why is the score not visible?

Answer: "My page" has 5 minutes delay, so your score will appear after 5 minutes.

Q: Why can't I see any results?

Answer: Either you haven't yet finished any practices or you no longer have access to the practices. 




Q: Why didn't I receive any email from my purchase. 

Answer: We send an invoice automatically to your email address which you provided at registration.

Q: How can I purchase a theory test practice? 

Answer: First you need to select your product, and after the checkout you can pay using Paypal.

Q: How can I book my theory test?

 Answer: This site does not provide theory test booking services. Please book your theory test using the official DVSA theory test online booking at gov.uk. Please note, if you book your theory test using some unofficial (not gov.uk) third party websites, they may charge you more.


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