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DVSA Theory Test

DVSA Theory Test

DVSA Theory test consists of two parts, multiple-choice questions and Hazard perception test. Both of these are taken on the same day. Practise multiple-choice test and hazard perception test using our free theory tests or purchase the full version. Remember, you have to pass your theory test before booking your practical test for a car or motorcycle.

Practise Theory Test

Practise enough for your theory test. If you practise well in advance you will pass your official DVSA theory test. Use this Free Theory Test Practice. To practise for the hazard perception part, we recommend to use these Hazard Perception Clips. Also remember to learn the road signs as well. Use this road signs test to practise your knowledge of UK road signs.

LGV theory test

LGV theory test

If you have decided to become a professional LGV driver, you must obtain the LGV licence. LGV licence class has four licence categories:

  • C1 - for commercial vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes
  • C1 + E - for commercial vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes with trailers in excess of 750 kg in tow.
  • C - the most common licence for commercial vehicles in excess of 7.5 tonnes with or withou trailer.
  • C + E - for the largest and heviest vehicles including heavy construction equipment

Read more about LGV licence and how to prepare for the LGV theory test

ADI theory test

ADI theory test

If you want to be a driving instructor, you need to pass the ADI theory test

Find here the theory test questions

Road signs test

Road signs test

Practise road signs for UK theory test. Our road signs test includes about 600 different road signs.

How to book your theory test?

How to book your theory test?

You can book your theory test online. We recommend you to use the official Driver & vehicle Agency's booking service. Booking your theory test using DVA service should take about 10 minutes, so it's quick. From the service you need to choose your test center and the time and date of your test. 

Read more about booking your theory test from nidirect site

How much a Car Theory Test costs?

Theory test price depends of the vehicle type. Car and motorcycle theory test costs £23.

Car Theory Test costs

  • Car theory test £23
  • Abridged theory test £18
  • Driving test costs £62 and £75 (evenings, weekends and bank holidays)

Theory test booking

Book your DVSA theory test online. Check the links to theory test booking. Remember that there is no administration fees if you book the test using official booking service. Unofficial services usually takes additional charges. Car and Motorcycle theory test costs £23.

Documents to theory test

When going to the theory test you need to take your both parts of your valid driving licence and both the photo card and the paper counterpart. If you have old style driving licence without a photo you must also take with you a valid passport. Remember that if you won't show all the necessary documents you wont be allowed to the theory test and you'll lose your fee.

Abridged car theory test

If you are learning to drive and have a Safe Road User Award, you can take abridged car theory test. Abridged theory test contains 15 multiple-choice questions LESS than the normal theory test. So you have to answer 35 multiple-choice questions instead of 50. Pass mark in abridged car theory test is 30. Amount of hazard perception clips remains the same, you have to answer to all 14 video clips. The abridged theory test costs £18. You can book it using the usual way from here

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