Theory test DVD

If you are preparing for the UK theory test, you can also use a DVD. There are several different DVD's containing theory test materials but only few of them have the DVSA questions. So make sure when you purchase a theory test DVD that it contains the DVSA questions and hazard perception clips. 

Theory test DVD's

Here are couple of theory test DVD examples for the Car theory test. 

  • Most popular is the car theory test DVD. You should purchase this if you practice for the car theory test:

  • However, if you need the complete Theory Test Practice KIT, then this could be your choise:

Motorcycle theory test DVD

If you are practising for the motorcycle theory test, you can also use this DVD. However we recommend you to use some of the websites offefing the theory test practices online.

If you are still not sure do you need a DVD (because most of the computers today do not anymore have a DVD drive) you should consider to purchase the official DVSA revision online theory test practice 


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