Hazard perception test

Take this free hazard perception test practice. It lets you see how the test works. We recommend that you use the DVSA revision study materials below. This free test contains 6 clips, but we recommend you use the full test to give yourself the best chance of passing.

1Hazard Perception Test

  • Start the clip by selecting the "start" -button.
  • Select the "Hazard!" -button when you spot a developing hazard.
  • System may stop recording your reactions if you press too many times.
  • A marker appears at the point where you pressed
  • At the end of the video, select "Show solution" and you see a time frame when the hazard appeared in the video
  • If you react to a hazard too early or too late (not inside the time frame), you get 0 points.
  • (In the live test, there is no "Hazard!" -button, instead you can press the whole video screen.)
  • To have a smooth video playback, make sure your internet connection is at least 1mbps

Hazard perception test explained

Hazard perception test is the hardest part of the theory test. Hazard perception test evaluates how well a learner driver is able to spot and react to a hazardous situation. Detecting a potential hazard early enough is an important skill that all drivers should have. Good hazard perception skills helps prevent road accidents and save lives.


What is the Hazard Perception test?

Learners will watch fourteen one minute long hazard perception test video clips (nineteen clips for lorry and bus candidates). Clips are computer generated imagery (CGI) and filmed from the perspective of a passenger car driver. Learners have to indicate, usually by clicking a mouse button or touching the screen, when they observe a developing hazard. All of the clips will include one developing hazard, and one will include 2 hazards. The sooner the student reacts to a developing hazard, the more points are scored. Points are from five down to one, with no score if the examinee reacts too late.

How to prepare for hazard perception test?

  • Use this theory test practice
  • Purchase a book
  • Take lessons with a driving instructor

DVSA revision hazard perception test

Check one of these sites, if you want to practise with all of the DVSA revision practices. These questions are licensed from the DVSA, people who set the test

DVSA Hazard perception 2021

The DVSA hazard perception test maximum possible score is 75 and the pass mark is 44/75. The pass mark is same for motorcycle hazard perception test. When qualifying as an approved driving instructor you need to score at least 57 points out of 75 to pass the ADI hazard perception test. Bus and LGV hazard perception test pass mark is 67/100 and the test contains 19 CGI clips.

Hazard perception test online

Here you can find more hazard perception tests for online practising.

Hazard perception CGI

What does "hazard perception CGI" mean? CGI comes from Computer-Generated Imagery. CGI clips replaced the old filmed hazard clips in the hazard perception part of the theory test. The reason why they changed filmed clips to CGI clips was that the image quality wasn’t clear enough.

These new CGI clips looks clearer than the old ones. Even the clips are now CGI, there are no other changes in the test.


Hazard perception test pass mark

Hazard perception test pass mark is shown here:

Car and motorcycle 

  • Number of clips: 14
  • Developing hazards: 15
  • Pass mark: 44/75

Lorry, coach and bus hazard test

  • Number of clips: 19
  • Developing hazards: 20
  • Pass mark: 67/100

ADI theory test hazard perception part 1

  • Number of clips: 14
  • Developing hazards: 15
  • Pass mark: 57/75

What is a developing hazard?

Developing hazard is something that may result in you having to take some action while driving your vehicle. The action can be for example changing your speed or direction. 

How to pass the theory test

How to pass the theory test:

Actual theory test questions are not public, however, you can practise the DVSA theory test revision questions with this site free or paid content.

Every year..

  • The car theory test is taken over 1.5 million times
  • The car theory test is failed about 750,000 times  
  • Every 2nd learner FAILS the car theory test

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