How to practice

There are many ways to practise for the UK theory test.

You can

  • Use theory test practice website
  • Purchase a book
  • Take lessons with a driving instructor

If you want to pass your theory test, it is highly recommended to practise for the theory test using sites which offer theory test practices. 
Websites usually have the latest DVSA revision questions. 

Which website to choose for theory test practising?

A website which offers the official DVSA revision material (hazard perception test and multiple-choice questions) is of course your best choise because the questions are almost same as in the official test. 
Keep in mind, the site should also have the DVSA hazard perception clips because practising only the multiple-choice question is not enough to pass the whole theory test.

There are no websites or apps which offer exactly same questions as in the official test - official questions are not public. 

To make sure you are using the best available practising material:

Use a practice from website

  •  You don't need to install anything
  •  You can use website with any of your device. (mobile app needs to be purchased separately to different devices)
  •  Website might be better for practising Hazard Perception test because you can use it with larger screens. (With a mobile app, your screen size might be limited)

Use only websites which have the latest DVSA revision material

  •  DVSA revision questions are the closest ones to the real test
  •  DVSA revision questions are made by the DVSA
  •  There are many completely free websites but it is worth to know that none of them offers DVSA made revision questions.

Search the best site for you which has the DVSA revision questions and Hazard perception test and you can make sure you are practising with the most up to date material.

If you are still sure you want to use old fashion DVDs, here is our recommendation:

  • Purchase a official DVSA theory test kit from Amazon and you have the latest DVSA material. (DVD player required)
  • Use a website for practising: