Hazard perception

Hazard perception test is the second part of the UK theory test. DVLA theory test is a mandatory test which all UK learner drivers must pass to obtain a full driving licence. The test includes multiple-choice questions and hazard perception clips. Here you can find information about hazard perception test. Also we provide some free hazard perception test practices.

What is a Hazard Perception Test?

Learners will watch fourteen one minute long hazard perception test video clips (nineteen clips for lorry and bus candidates). Hazard perception clips are computer generated imagery (CGI) and filmed from the perspective of a passenger car driver. Learners have to indicate, usually by clicking a mouse button or touching the screen, when they observe a developing hazard. All of the hazard perception clips will include one developing hazard, and one will include 2 hazards. The sooner the student reacts to a developing hazard, the more points are scored. Points are from five down to one, with no score if the examinee reacts too late.

DVSA Hazard perception 2016

The DVSA hazard perception test maximum possible score is 75 and the pass mark is 44/75. The pass mark is same for motorcycle hazard perception test. When qualifying as an approved driving instructor you need to score at least 57 points out of 75 to pass the ADI hazard perception test. Bus and LGV hazard perception test pass mark is 67/100 and the test contains 19 CGI clips. DVSA hazard perception test is available here: www.theorytest.org

Hazard perception test online

Here you can find some hazard perception tests for online practicing.

Hazard perception CGI

What does "hazard perception CGI" mean? CGI comes from Computer-Generated Imagery. CGI clips replaced the old filmed hazard clips in the hazard perception part of the theory test on 13 Jan 2015. The reason why they changed filmed clips to CGI clips was that the image quality wasn’t clear enough.

Differences between old and new hazard perception CGI clips

Here you can see a picture where on the right is an updated hazard perception CGI clip.

hazard perception

These new CGI clips looks clearer than the old ones. Even the clips are now CGI, there are no other changes in the test.

Watch this introduction, and you are more likely to spot the developing hazards:

Hazard perception 2016

Hazard perception test 2016 contains 14 CGI video clips. The clips features everyday road scenes. Each of the clip contain at leas one developing hazard and one of the clips will contain 2 developing hazards.

Hazard perception test pass mark

Hazard perception test 2016 pass mark is shown here:

Car and motorcycle 

  • Number of clips: 14
  • Developing hazards: 15
  • Pass mark: 44/75

Lorry, coach and bus hazard test

  • Number of clips: 19
  • Developing hazards: 20
  • Pass mark: 67/100

ADI theory test hazard perception part 1

  • Number of clips: 14
  • Developing hazards: 15
  • Pass mark: 57/75

What is a developing hazard?

Developing hazard is something that may result in you having to take some action while driving your vehicle. The action can be for example changing your speed or direction. 

Free hazard perception

You can also find some mock hazard perception test which are free of charge:
Official DVSA hazard perception 2016 clips are computer generated imagery (CGI)







I would like to say that this site is really helpful and really good for passing my theory test thank you so much for this lovely site.

I ended up using this theorytest.org, there are those new CGI hazard tests and they helped me a lot.

Well I've had a full car linence since 1988 and a full motorcycle licence since 1996 however, I need to do the Hazard perception & Theory tests as I am imminently training to drive LGV.
The problem I have with the hazard perception test is that as a motorcyclist, I'm seeing and reacting to hazards long before the DVLA's scoring "window" opens, I'm seeing hazards that are very real to me but not the ones they want me to see so I have to be careful not to click too many times... it's just a nightmare, I really have doubts about whether I'm going to pass this first time.
I have made some videos about how I think these tests are not a fair representation of either someone's ability to avoid hazards or of their roadcraft in general and will maybe put those on youtube and post a link in the DVLA twitter feed.
I honestly think they are just a good way of getting the extra test fees for the re-takes.

I am also a biker and now doing a car licence. I also see hazards too early and while I consider myself a very aware rider (and car driver instructor confirmed) I have failed my hazard perception once already. I was shocked and re-taking test tomorrow

I know how you feel. I am not a biker but have been driving since I am 16 and was also shocked to see that I had failed the hazard perception. I was more worried about the multiple choice, which turned out I got 48/50 correct. The hazard perception test is very disciving, as at the begining they say that if you click too many times, the computer will think that you are just "clicking away" and you will be scored 0. There were a few occacions when I clicked on a potential hazard before the computer window opened, and therefore the computer did not recognize that I had already seen the hazard. Not a very good test and I am another £25 down.

Im 100% with you on this, I've passed my Hazard Perception for Car, and for Motorcycle. But after driving and Riding for 10 years Im now doing LGV, Im struggling with this because I'm seeing the Hazard develop alot sooner than the test allows! It doesnt allow for experienced drivers.

i'm glad someone actually agrees with me on this as bikers we look for things ahead of maybe wot a car would do.. i took my test today and failed by one mark on the hazard bit.. i see the hazards but because you click to early on some stuff it marks you down which i think is very unfair.. surly its a good thing that you see things before you are nearly on top off them.. it is very outdated on some of the questions too... and why they ask about trailers and towing things that will be next you watch... wot i don't get is you can pull a trailor behind a car and not have any experiance and you don't need to do any theory for that but you do for the car.. its a big money making thing

I totaly agree I have failed my HP twice now, as an experienced driver I spot the hazards in advance and having no sound or engine noise is very off putting, I think a fair system for people training to be ADI'S or HGV drivers or any other professional driver would be to have an half hour commentry drive. I also reckon that £83.00 for the test is very expensive compared to what novice drivers have to pay.

I to failed my HP Test ive been driving for 30 years and as you say I also spot hazards a lot earlier than an inexperienced driver. I found the position of the camera view wrong as when you are actually on the road you do have some side vision. One of the clips showed the vehicle coming off a roundabout with a brick wall on the nearside the position of the camera made it feel as though I was actually going to drive into the wall which did put me off track a bit.

I think that u don't lose pounts when react more than once to the situation as long as u don't over do it!

I totally agree with this.They are made to take extra money from people and they don't represent driver real knowledge.It is a joke.I considering if I can go in other EEA country and take a test in English.I own full licence for the last 17 years from other non- EEA European country and government in UK lets me drive only for a year before I need to take a UK test again.Why they let me drive on the first place?!!!

Holy crap. I'm exactly the same as you, I'm seeing potential developing Hazards WAAY before the "scoring window" opens up and as a result of being a forward thinker I'm penalised? It's absolutely ludicrous.

I am not an experienced driver as some who have posted, but have the same problem. I have NOT ONCE failed to spot a developing hazard on any of the practice tests I have completed yet I have failed every test due to marking the hazard too early. I have also made notes on what seems to constitute a "developing" hazard and find inconsistency even within the context of the DVLA test. I realise there is little point arguing with this as they will not change this test any time soon (certainly not before I take it), but I have not seen anyone praising the accuracy and efficacy of this test as a means to improve road safety. It seems to have been actively designed to arbitrarily punish examinees with good reactions and awareness.

Passing this test would seem to require knowledge about how to pass the test rather than relying on one's own awareness and common sense. This is a sure sign of a flawed test. I am now trying to determine exactly how many times I can flag before the test considers that I am cheating. This seems to be the optimal strategy to pass. Click as soon as you notice a hazard developing and then click every second or so up to a safe limit where you will not be failed for cheating.

The CGI part worries me even more as this surely just increases the scope for an arbitrary determination of when a hazard develops.

Basically.... Grrrr

The easiest way to do the test is to watch for developing hazard, then click, then wait a second then click, then when ya at the hazard click, that way ya guaranteed points for the hazard, see how many times ya can click on one of these practise tests you'll be surprised. at least 10. and theres only 1 hazard on most clips, so 10 clicks is more than sufficient,

I have failed twice now and some of the hazards are so blatant but its scoring in the zone. I am surprised if you can click up to ten times. This is another money making scheme for the government and you just have to be lucky on the day.

I got accused of an unacceptable manner after just 3 clicks?! fair test? NOT!!

I took my test yesterday, passed my 'actual' theory party with 47/50, but failed my hazard perception with 38/75. Absolutely abysmal and disappointed with the new CGI look. I could not believe of how much it was slow and 'quick' in your face when the hazards actually appeared. I clicked far too early on some of them even before the points window opened, whereas the videos that I revised on which were from the original DVLA archive actually gave me full points for the early response. The CGI had hazards which looked purely wrong and unrealistic, like a vehicle came out of junction and sped up ahead without affecting your vehicle...that to me is completely unrealistic and misleading, whereas a hazard up ahead was a vehicle that you knew was going to come out ahead of you or at least poke its bumper out of the junction in order for you to take action. You know its coming but for some reason the early clicks is not enough for points?! CON. The only word that should be used with the test now'a'days. I feel sorry for the 2014 students having to put up with such non-sense. I bet nearly 50% of the candidates that sat in the same room as me failed that test because of the CGI...

Hopefully they get rid of it completely. Waste of £25, and another £25 heading their way. Enough for them to fill their pockets. Greedy.

just click 3 times (0.5 sec every click) in buigining hazard ...then interval... and click again 3 times in the middle of situation . interval should be minimum near 1 second. this is the Einstein's theory . good luck my English friends ))))

I agree I'm not a biker but I was seeing the hazards early too I failed my theory today because I was 1 mark away from the pass mark on the hazard perception but passed the multiple choice woth 46 out of 50 I also don't like how when then car turns out of junctions or goes around the roundabouts it messes with your eyes so I'm another £25 down as I've had to rebook

Hi.. i have failed my hazard test twice now, i think i am clicking to early..i see the hazard approaching quicker than some and the computer does not recognise this. The theory multi questions i have passed twice but does not count because i have to pass both parts. Why can i not just do the Hazard test not both again..Also people that are clicking on everything on the hazard test are passing, and they have no idea which was the hazard to begin with..and people like me who are only clicking on actual Hazards are failing... The hard perception test needs scraping.

I bought hazzard test yesterday morning because I had not revised on the hazard test and already failed twice due to not revising for hazard. I used this website (www.theorytest.org) and the hazard perception was the biggest help, it was just like the new 2015 hazed test! and guess what I PASSED ! thank you.

I feel very scunert good scotch word to sum up this experience. Sat test yesterday fsiled on hp. I also have a motorbike and have good road sense. This test and even the ptocess needs looking at. I found there was alot of uncertainty with candidate's which caused stress to folks just waiting to have peace to get on with the process....one man cdnt understand what was ecpected he made such a scene about it and the staff found it difficultt to handle. This was all i needed to help my settling nerves. It was a experience can't wait gor next time haha. Ordered nerves of steel.

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