Official theory test questions

People may still think that it is possible to find preparation materials with UK theory test questions formulated in the very same way as one will encounter in the official theory test. They are wrong. We are sometimes asked: "why don't you provide exactly same questions as those in the official test?". The truth is that UK theory test changed in 2012 and since then official theory test questions no longer can be found online or in any preparation material.

The closest match to actual test is DVSA revision materials, which you can find for example -site

There are no resources that offer exactly same questions that one will find in the real test. Therefore, while our website offers preparation materials which will help you get ready for the official test, you will not come across the very same questions as the ones in the official test, simply because this is no longer allowed by the UK authorities. You will no longer find a website that offers you exactly the same questions as those in the official test. (Only revision question banks are available)
The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) informed as of 01/2012: ‘From today the theory test will be made up of multiple-choice questions which are no longer published in learning materials. The reason behind the move is to stop candidates from simply memorising theory test questions and answers and learning by rote. Revision materials are still available’.  Read more from Daily mail article
Quite many websites and theory test applications are still claiming that "we have official theory test questions" but this can no longer be true. 
Do not try to memorize any multiple choice questions, instead learn the theoretical rules and principles of correct driving behavior. The purpose of this website is to provide an environment where candidates can really learn the rules and be ready for every situation on the road.