New theory test 2016

New theory test started 01.01.2012 in UK. DVSA announced that the multiple choice questions used in the New Theory Tests are not published anymore.

Theory Test changes affected to all students and motorcyclists across United Kingdom 2012.

New theory test 2013  - changes in revision

The DVSA made available a parallel set of new driving theory test questions to help learners to prepare for the theory test. These questions are known as the official driving theory revision questions. These theory revision questions covers all the same topics but also will be worded slightly differently from the official questions which candidates will be shown in the actual new driving theory test.

New theory test needs more preparation

The pass rate for the current DSA theory test is at its lowest in last 5 years. They believe that this is because learners are not preparing properly for the theory test. Around 1.6 million Theory Tests were attempted in 2009  with almost four in ten failed. The lowest pass rate to theory test on record since 2004.