L Plates

Did you know that any vehicle driven by a learner driver must display red L-Plates.
Exceptionally in Wales, you can use also red D-plates.

L plates must be clearly visible to others from in front and behind of the vehicle.

When do I need L plates?

Here are the L plates rules:

  • Use in any vehicle if driven by a learner
  • Place them in front of the vehicle and behind
  • Remove the L plates or cover them if the vehicle isn't being driven by a learner

Where to get L plates?

Order your L plates here: 

Using L plates

Remember that you may get up to six penalty points if you don’t display an L plate on your vehicle. Also you may get £60 fine if the L plates are not used. It is also important to use them for safety reasons. Place one of the L plate to the front of the vehicle and one to rear. 


After you have passed your driving test, you can use P plates. Using P plates is not mandatory.

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