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I took my test yesterday, passed my 'actual' theory party with 47/50, but failed my hazard perception with 38/75. Absolutely abysmal and disappointed with the new CGI look. I could not believe of how much it was slow and 'quick' in your face when the hazards actually appeared. I clicked far too early on some of them even before the points window opened, whereas the videos that I revised on which were from the original DVLA archive actually gave me full points for the early response. The CGI had hazards which looked purely wrong and unrealistic, like a vehicle came out of junction and sped up ahead without affecting your vehicle...that to me is completely unrealistic and misleading, whereas a hazard up ahead was a vehicle that you knew was going to come out ahead of you or at least poke its bumper out of the junction in order for you to take action. You know its coming but for some reason the early clicks is not enough for points?! CON. The only word that should be used with the test now'a'days. I feel sorry for the 2014 students having to put up with such non-sense. I bet nearly 50% of the candidates that sat in the same room as me failed that test because of the CGI...

Hopefully they get rid of it completely. Waste of £25, and another £25 heading their way. Enough for them to fill their pockets. Greedy.

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