Theory test 2015

Theory test 2015 has two parts, a multiple choice part and hazard perception part.

All learner drivers must pass the driving theory test 2015, which includes all aspects 
related to road safety and driver attitude.  Theory test should be booked before the practical test. 
Booking happens either online or through a dedicated Contact Centre.  
In the UK theory test, some multiple choice questions are based on a case-study scenario of real-life.
Learner needs to pass both parts of the theory test to pass the test.

Both of the tests are taken at the same day. You can practise here multiple choice test and also hazard perception test. 
Remember to pass your theory test before booking practical test for car or motorcycle. 

Practise theory test 2015 online

Remember to practise free theory test to pass your official theory test easier. One good method to practise for the theory test is to use online training.  Also don't forget to learn learn traffic signs. Use our online trainings to practise for the theory test. 

Theory test 2015 booking

To book your theory test, you can do it either online or using a dedicated contact center. Check our links to theory test bookings and choose which way you prefer. When booking a theory test, remember that there is no administration fees when booking theory test through official booking service. Unofficial services usually takes additional charges. Theory test costs £25. 

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